2016 NCGA Net Amateur

2016 NCGA Net Amateur Results

We had an outstanding turnout at this years NCGA Net Amateur Tournament. Twenty members sign up and 17 Showed up to play. Two had to cancel and was a no show! (more on that later)

The CCGA Board is ecstatic over the turnout to this years event. We eclipsed last year high water mark of 15 participants by 2 players. This number equates out to be 28% of our membership! Outstanding!!!!! We thank you. We also want to give a shout out to all those that help us in this event. Benny Lentz for putting on a great tournament, Gene Lockwood getting the cash, selling 50/50 tickets and his contribution in picture taking. Mike Haworth for lending a hand with the scores

 As many of you know we are governed by the NCGA (Northern California Golf Association) who is under the USGA in terms of rules. As a charter member of the NCGA we follow the basic guidelines for most all our tournaments. We know that our members have good intentions when signing up for one of the NCGA events. Things happened unexpectedly, illness, accidents, work, family  etc. Having said that we have no problem in our members meeting their obligations, all we ask is for you to call in and notify us that you cannot play. A lot of planning goes into these events. Pre- planning is a key issue in setting up formats and pay-outs. NCGA and CCGA bylaws state failure to notify the standing committees of any sanctioned NCGA event can cause you being suspended from playing in such events for one calendar year. This is not one of those duties that we enjoy performing. A written notice will be sent out to those that have repeat offenses. 

 Tournament Results

Congratulations to our 2016 Champions 
Mike Haworth and Brian Spiker
Champion Mike Haworth has declined to compete in the NCGA competition so Alternate Jeff Miller will make the trip with Brian Spiker. 

Champion--- Mike Haworth - Net 66
 2nd Qualifier --- Brian Spiker - Net 67
 Alternate---Jeff Miller - Net 71

Money Winners

Mike Haworth - Net 66
Larry Andrews - Net 72
Benny Lentz - Net 73
Charles Gilbreath - Net 73

 The rest of the field

 Random Pictures
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This completes our presentation

- 30 -

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