2016 Tierra Oaks

Tierra Oaks
2016 CCGA Away trip

The 2016 CCGA Away Trip season came to an end with resounding success! We had 31 participants who took advantage to play a great course, fantastic hospitality and old fashion fun tournament. We gave away over $300.00 in prize money.  It has been arranged to come back to this course again next year. Big thanks to Terra Oaks and their staff. Thank you to Tom Baird, Kenneth Gunter, Lee Lamp for all the hard work in making this a success.


Here are the Winners

50/50 Ticket winner - Jay Haubner $56.00
Low Gross winner -  Chris Waterman (70) $50.00
1st Low Net Winner – Jim Dickerson (69) $50.00
2nd Low Net winner – Lee Lamp (70) $40.00
3rd Low Net – Larry Andrews (70) $30.00
4th Low Net - Paul Zichichi (71) $20.00
5th Low Net – Dave Cantwell (73) $15.00
6th Low Net winner – Ken Hatfield  (74) $12.00

Closest to the pin winners all received $20.00

Larry Andrews, Lee Lamp, Paul Zichichi, Shawn Baird

Player Scores by foursomes

Player                                                             Gross/Net

Kenneth Gunter                                                  90/82
Lee Lamp                                                             83/70
Larry Andrews                                                    85/70
Chris Waterman                                                 70/65

Rick Faller                                                           104/83
Tom Naird                                                           96/74
Shawn Baird                                                        84/82
Jake Oliver                                                          111/94

Charles Gilbreath                                                110/87
Mike Leonelli                                                       92/76
Mike Canavan                                                      101/75
Keith Cunnington                                               106/80

Jim Dickerson                                                      89/69
Marv Wittner                                                       102/80
Randy Sanders                                                    89/84
Otto Adsit                                                             99/85

Earl Poytress                                                        WD
Paul Zichichi                                                         88/71
Rob WHite                                                           104/83

Carl Rowe                                                             92/77
Bernie Kuhn                                                         98/78
Dave Cantwell                                                      9o/73
Jay Haubner                                                         85/75

Jeff Miller                                                              108/84
Lynn Hanan                                                          107/77
Rich Crowell                                                          98/83
Tom Galles                                                             96/82

Dan Neece                                                             103/86
Ken Hatfield                                                         92/74
Ron Howell                                                           95/74 
Don Christensen                                                  80/76

Random Pictures
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Thank you one and all for making this a great day of golf. Remember its not about the score you card but the fun you have with a great group of people. Take from a guy that must say those words after every shot I take.

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