2018 Saint Valentine Massacre Tournament

Saint Valentine Day Massacre

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The 2018 Saint Valentine Massacre was a resounding success as 26 players signed up to play. It was for the most part a bunch of happy campers all of which had a great time, as 25 went off on a shot gun start that kicked off the CCGA tournament season. We all enjoyed a great lunch prepared by Stephen Divine. Big thanks goes out to Lee Lamp,  Kenneth Gunter, and Tom Baird that helped make this a great day for the CCGA.  

Bingo-Bango-Bongo Winners for the Chocolates

Larry Andrews - 13 Dots
Mike Canavan – 12 Dots
Gerold McFarlin – 12 Dots
Ron Howell – 11 Dots
Tom Baird – 10 Dots
Steve Schatz - just - 4 dots for the” Rick Faller” Underachievement award.

Pictures in order of awards

Larry Andrews

Gerold McFarlin

Ron Howell

Tom Baird

Steve Schatz

Low Net winners for cash

(4 players with low net 33 settled by tie breaker on cards)
1st – Brian Spiker -33
2nd Tom Baird – 33
3rd – Mike Canavan – 33
4th Mike Leonelli – 33
5th Gerold McFarlin – 34 by tie breaker
6th Eric Measles – 34
7th Marv Wittner – 34
9th Ron Howell – 34

Brian Spiker

Tom Baird

Mike Canavan

Mike Leonelli

Gerold McFarlin

Eric Measles

Marv Wittner

Ronnie Howell

Closest to the pins Winners

Jake Oliver # 5

Gerold McFarlin # 7

50/50 draw winner

Jim Dickerson

Some Random Pictures

Dave Cantwell, Tom Galles

Mike Leonelli

Keith Cunnington , Jake Oliver

Dave Cantwell, Jimmy McClure, Marv Wittner and back turned Eric Measles

See above

Dave Cantwell and Marv Wittner

Mike Leonelli, Mike Canavan and Brian Spiker

Ronnie Howell and Jim Dickerson

Larry Andrews and Tom Baird enjoying lunch

Leigh and Gale enjoying the meal

Steve and Dean

- 30 -

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