2017 Fall River Trip

Fall River Trip 2017 
The River Trip continued in 2017 to be our most popular event put on by the CCGA. We had 29 players show up for this beautiful day of golf and just one that did not show up after signing up. I'm sure there was good reason why no phone call to let us know.

Thanks to Kenneth Gunter for running the show along with Lee Lamp with his assistance, Tom Baird handling the 50/50 ticket sales and Gene and Debbie Lockwood for some fine extra pictures.

1st Low Net – (Guest) Phil Raner – (68)

2nd Low Net – Larry Slape – (71)

3rd Low Net – Mike Haworth – (72

4th Low Net – Jim Dickerson – (72)

5th Low Net – Gerold McFarlin (73)

6th Low Net – Larry Andrews (73)

Closest to the Pin Winners

#4 Hole - Mike Haworth

#8 Hole - Carl Rowe

#11 Hole – Rick Faller

#15 Hole – Jim Dickerson
The Players 
( Click on any picture to view in enlarged photo gallery)
Brian Berg, Kenneth Gunter, Larry Andrews and Lee Lamp

Tom Baird, Carl Rowe and Rick Faller

Tyler Lifka and Jim Lifka

Jim Dickerson, Marv Wittner, Dan Neece, and Ron Howell

Eric Measles, Phil Raner, Larry Slape, and Michael Slape.

Charles Gilbreath, Mike Canavan, Dave Cantwell, and Keith Cunnington

Tom Galles, Eric Lozoya, Gerold McFarlin and Tom McCoy

Benny Lentz, Mike Haworth,Elmer Winfree, and Otto Adsit

Random Shots

 Some of the Winners

Mike Haworth

Larry Andrew

Gerold McFarlin

Jim Dickerson
Carl Rowe
Rick Faller

 - 30-

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