Jack and Jill Invitational


2015 CCGA/CCWGA Jack and Jill Invitational

It was a beautiful day for the 2015 Jack and Jill Invitational Tournament. Five foursomes gathered for the festivities that paired a Gent with a Lady in a blind draw for the now annual 9 hole event that included a fantastic lunch provided by Robin and Benny Lentz from Don’s Sandwich Shop in Redding. It should be noted that many of the ladies brought desserts to polish off the lunch cuisine.

Results and Pictures
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Jolayne Williams and Brad Bunnell 48/18 Net

Bev Melhouse and Eric Measles 45/19Net

Ted Hale and Debbie Lockwood 56/20Net

Melisa Bunnell and Jeff Miller 48/21Net
Don Morris and Jane Quinn 49/21Net

Marilyn Dunn and Kenneth Gunter 49/22Net

Larry Andrews and Kathy Miller 46/21Net

Jo Lewallen and Lee Lamp 47 23Net

Rick Faller and Sandra Burghart 52/26Net

Gene Lockwood and  Connie Salazar 57/28Net

KP Winners
 Kenneth Gunter #5 32' 2"
 Jolayne Williams #5 8' 3")

The Fearsome Foursomes


Random Pictures


It was a great day and if you missed joining in on the fun I can only feel for you. Then again make note you will have another chance to play in this tournament again next year. 

 Thanks to Kenneth Gunter and Gene Lockwood for their work in making this a great event.

Pictures by Rick Faller
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