CCGA Net Amateur

2015 CCGA Net Amateur

The CCGA concluded their Net Amateur Qualifier Tournament Saturday July 11, 2015 at Churn Creek Golf Course. Below see the results and limited pictures we were able to take. Congratulations to Eric Lazoya who is our champion in this event he will move on to the next level of NCGA  competition.

Eric Lazoya
2015 Net Amateur Champion

Player                       Gross/Net

Eric  Lazoya                              76/63      Champion
Brad Bunnlle                            86/64      2nd Qualifier
Brian Spiker                              82/69      1st Alternate
Eric Measles                             89/71
Lee Lamp                                  86/73
Tom Galles                                87/73
Larry Andrews                          89/75
Rick Faller                                 94/76
Kenneth Gunter                       85/77     
Ron Howell                            100/77
Lyle Miller                                95/79          
Mark Rose                                93/80
Tom Baird                                99/81
Ryan Main                             107/89
Steven   Myers                        91/NEH

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Brad Bunnell
 2nd Qualifier





Thanks to Gene Lockwood for stepping in and handling the entry fee money, and NCGA entry forms, score cards in what certainly can be said to be very unusual circumstances. Also a big thanks to Brandon Ketchum who helped calculate and check all the score cards.

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