CCGA Zone Championship


2015 CCGA Zone Championship

Congratulations to our 2015 Champions
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After much maneuvering, we finally got to 5 full teams for the 2015 Zone Competition.  The group was very enthusiastic and it was an outstanding day for golf.  This year at the end, we had to switch the event to a one day 18 hole competition in order to achieve the 5 team minimum we needed.  To clarify for those new to this it takes 5 teams to give us the necessary revenue to send a team to the next competition for the NCGA zone Tournament held in Monterrey CA. The entry fee is $640.00. If our team moves on from there, then there are added fees the club must come up with. With us scrambling to get enough people signed up a few members fell through the cracks and the Board wishes to apologize to Will Adams, Dave Cantwell and Willie Hayes who showed up and did not get to play.  At our board meeting we discussed the problem and we are determined to not let that happen again. We thank them and those who did play in support of the CCGA. 

2015 Zone Results

1st Place Team: - Eric Lozoya, Eric Measles, Gerold McFarlin, Mike Prieto -  Net 127

2nd Place Team: - Patrick Bott, Jay Haubner, Tome Galles, Jim McClure - Net 131

3rd Place Team: -  Larry Andrews, Lee Lamp, Kenneth Gunter, Brad Bunnell - Net 132

4th Place Team: - Tom Baird, Rick Faller, Eric Sargent, Mark Rose - Net 139

5th Place Team: - Eric Bullert, Brian Spiker, Scott Vaughn, Jeff Miller - Net 140

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Random Photos
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2nd Place; Tom Galles, Patrick Bott, Jimmy McClure, Jay Haubner

3rd place; Brad Bunnell, Lee Lamp, Kenneth Gunter, Larry Andrews
4th Place; Tom Baird, Rick Faller, Mark Rose, Eric Sargent

5th Place; Brian Spiker, Eric Bullert, Scott Vaughn, Jeff Miller

Good Morning, give me your Money
Lee and Kenneth add up the scores

Ok I'm Here!

Bott, Baird, and Sargent

Tom Galles with his usual cup of Java

Eric Sargent waits for the start

Eric Measles and Gerold McFarlin
Tom Baird warming up

Brandon chums it up with Ted Hale as Debbie Lockwood laughs it up

After a long 18 holes Rick and Tom like to partake in a cool Heineken to help dull the pain of non-competitive golf

Thanks for a great day Lee, Kenneth and Gene

Gene Lockwood, who works as an Assistant 
Contributing Photographer for us has submitted some random photos at this years Zone Qualifier below.

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