2017 NCGA 4 ball net ( 2man 1 best ball)

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 Announcement - Sorry for the fog you see in the left side of this picture. I discovered when I got home there was a smudge on my lens. My Bad.

The Champs
Tom Galles and Benny Lentz 2017 4 ball Champions

 The CCGA concluded their 2017 - 4 Ball Net Tournament Saturday April 8, 2017. Eighteen players competed to move on to further NCGA competition representing The Churn Creek Golf Association. The condition were definitely lift clean and place mode as it has been all this past winter. The Rain Gods were kind as it did not rain during the tournament. Congratulations to this year champions Tom Galles and Benny Lentz, who carded a best ball low team net score 62. Thanks to all that participated as your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Lee Lamp for an outstanding job in this event. Gene Lockwood for taking in the cash and other paper duties and Tom Baird handling the 50/50 tickets.
Next up on our calendar will be the the 2017 NCGA Zone competition scheduled for May 13, 2017.  Tee time will be 8:30am entry fee is $40.00 per man/$80.00 per team. This is a 2 man team participation. The two best 2 man teams will advance as our 4 man team representatives.

2017 Four Ball Results

1st Place - Tom Galles/Benny Lentz - (62)
2nd Place - Shawn Baird/Tom Phillips - (65)
3rd Place - Jeff Miller/Eric Bullert - (65)
4th Place - Kenneth Gunter/Lee Lamp - (66)
5th Place - Tom Baird/Rick Faller - (69)
6th Place - Jake Oliver/Jim Lifka - (69)
7th Place - Brian Spiker/Richie Crowell - (70)
8th Place - Larry Andrews/Mark Rose - (73)
9th Place - Gerold McFarlin/Eric Measles - (74)

50/50 Ticket winner - Rick Faller

Random Pictures
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