2017 Saint Valentine Massacre

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Saint Valentine Massacre Tournament

After two postponements and a weeks uninterrupted rain the CCGA was bale to finally get this bad boy completed. The unknown conditions in the early months  of winter gives many challenges not to mention a lot of Anxiety when planning these events this time of year. We had 14 CCGA members participating in this years event. We thank all of you for your understanding and continued support. 

Saint Valentine Massacre Results


1st - Charles Gilbreath (14) dots
2nd - Jim Dickerson (12) dots
3rd - Kenneth Gunter (11) dots
4th Jim McClure (11) dots
Rick Faller award - Mike Leonelli (4) dots 

Low Net
1st - Kenneth Gunter - (35)
2nd - Marv Wittner - (37)
3rd -Larry Andrews (37)  
We had three other at (37) eliminated by tie breaker rule

Closest to the Pin Winners
#5 - Mike Canavan - 13'0"
#7 - Charles Gilbreath - 26'4"

50/50 Ticket Winner

Charles Gilbreath 
We thank Lee Lamp and Gene Lockwood for all their help in making this a great tournament. Kenneth Gunter for an excellent job as Chairman

Random Pictures 
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Marvin Wittner said...

Good for you Rick....what would we do without you..
P.S. You spelled Jim Dickerson name wrong...Its
not Davidson.....now you are in trouble