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Editorial for June 2015

The end of an Era is before us.

An “Era” is a span of time marked by character, events, and changes that we either witness or play a part in.  To a small degree you can say we all have been part of one in regards to the many years affiliated with Churn Creek Golf Course and the Men’s Golf association. 

 As great has been all the memories and friendships forged over the years makes the obvious decline of the membership of our association a very sad experience for those of us remaining. The reasons for the decline are many. An aged membership has taken its toll of participation in our tournaments for many members. Over time our interest changes attributable to other commitments and family.  The Course condition here at Churn Creek for many has become unacceptable as each have chosen to golf elsewhere.   

For all of us still serving our association we have no begrudged feelings towards those that have decided to depart to other courses. We do have a feeling of lost camaraderie to all those friendships forged over the years.  Gone are all the dime games we used to enjoy. Thursday night scramble is but only a shadow of what once was. Two award winning websites and all the hours spent supporting the members and family seem to destine to darkness. Our membership is now half of what is was. Further decline of even to the smallest degree shall put extreme pressure on our very existence as a viable body. For us that are left we have always understood there are better places to play as we understood that Churn Creek is what it is.  A place where friends gathered daily to have a great day playing golf no matter the skill-set or conditions.  

The left over effect from all the above is we grow up, grow old, and move on! People got to do what they got to do. For all the friendships and outstanding comradery gained over the past ten years I give thanks. See ya around if your out there,,,,

Rick Faller

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