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CCGM Today Magazine a personal blog, owned and operated by Rick Faller in support of the Churn Creek Golf Member's. Here you will be able to view pictures of the people who play at Churn Creek Golf Course. There will be Opinions/Editorials and stories of interest along with CCGA updates as I get them to keep you more informed. Our members business interest will also be highlighted on our business partners page. It is important to note that the contents and opinions expressed on this blog are mine and are not necessarily those of the Churn Creek Golf Association and its elected board or the Churn Creek Golf Course Management .  

" For Better or Worse" 

Due to lack of interest by our members the CCGA had no choice but to cancel the 2015 Family Day Bar-B-Q. Each year the Association puts on this day for all its members and their family's to have a fun day for Free dinner paid by the CCGA as our way in saying thanks. Saying thanks to our membership for their support has always been the main goal and reason for our Association. Personally I could not be more disappointed in the response from the membership we were trying to honor. In fact it just fuels the thought of what's the point anymore. Sad really in all the work and planning that went for not for this event and others that were cancelled this year. 
As we proceed into 2016 its obvious the CCGA must strategically rethink their goals with the declining membership. Its not just this golf association as golf has declined throughout the United States for many reasons some of which is pointed out in the editorial on this website. (see link below)  The dilemma we face will be in the planning of events. There is a required number of participants needed to proceed with each planned  tournament and or events. Every event or tournament has a cost and if we can't get enough participants then the money just isn't there. The average number of participants in any organization usually averages between 18 and 25 percent. Back in the days when we had 130 members this was more than an antiquate amount of participants. Our roll call this past year was at 74 members. Unfortunetly the coming year looks to be even more bleak. With a  declining membership projected for next year means NCGA Tournaments are threatened because there is a needed amount of revenue to pay for the trips for our winners to proceed to the next level of competition. Our travel trips are also on the decline and getting the best price usually depends on the number traveling to the away golf course. On Tuesday October 6, 2015 at 6pm there will be a Members Board meeting at Churn Creek to nominate and elect new CCGA board officers. Ideas and declining membership will be discussed as we plan the 2016 season. All members and Ideas are welcome.

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If you have the time and spare money and need a worth while organization to donate to how about giving the 
Wounded Warrior Project Fund a thought. The young solders did so much for all of us with great sacrifice. 

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 Golf Lessons by Jeremy Dunkason
The Churn Creek Golf course in keeping with their overall plan to keep our yard up to date with other courses in the area has enlisted the services of 
"PGA Certified Instructor" Jeremy Dunkason.

"I enjoy the  challenge of teaching players of all levels. It starts with proper fundamentals. Developing a good short game with putting, chipping and pitching are important in forming proper full swing principals. A correct set-up with grip, posture and alignment are essential to a good foundation for the golf swing through the impact zone."

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